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The Finnish Comics Society was founded in conjunction with an international exhibition in Helsinki in 1971. It is an association of makers, readers, collectors and researchers of comics. The society presents comics both to the wider public as well as to the cultural establishment. It aims to promote the awareness and critical reading of comics and to gain respect for the art form. In recent years the association has been active in launching several new cultural export projects as well as new websites and online services for comics lovers.


Helsinki Comics Festival is the biggest comics event in Finland and in Northern Europe and has been organised since 1979. The festival offers events such as the comics market, Small Press Heaven, panel discussions, interviews, exhibitions, workshops and performances. 


The Comics Center (Sarjakuvakeskus in Finnish) was founded in May 2008 to be an open cultural centre for comics and related art. It is situated in Helsinki, in the district of Arabianranta. It includes a gallery, cafe and comics shop and organises comics courses for both beginners and professionals. There are also regular open workshops, lectures and other events such as book launchings. It is also possible to order comics courses and other services from centre. 


Since 1972 the Society has annually awarded the Puupäähattu prize to an established Finnish comics artist. The name of the prize refers to the hat of Ola Fogelberg's classic character Pekka Puupää. 


Sarjainfo is Finland's only journal on comics. It was lauched in 1972 and is published by the Finnish Comics Society four times a year. It charts the past and present of comics, presenting news and reviews as well as interviews with both Finnish and foreign cartoonists. Members of the Comics Society get the subscription and the journal is on sale at bookshops and events.


The Finnish Comics Annual anthology series was created to present a broad overview on Finnish comics art. Each issue of the anthology presents the subjective view of a certain editor, resulting in a rather personal introduction to the evolution of the field. Through a selection of recent works we hope to offer you a glimpse into the diversity and high quality that can be found in Finnish comics culture today.


The comics library is situated at the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki. This unique collection collected by the Finnish Comics Society consists of thousands of Finnish and foreign comics, plus literature and articles on comics. It aims to be a comprehensive archive collection for reference use and also contains, for instance, comics-related masters' theses. In 2011, a project for establishing a comics archive was started, the purpose of which is to collect and archive original comics material in a centralised manner.

Finnish Comics Society / Comics Center

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